At Belle Vous Medi Spa, we want to ensure you get the most out of the skincare treatments you invest in. We know that means making sure you have the best possible aftercare products and at home skincare regimen.

We are often asked, “how often will I need to repeat this procedure?” As Dr. Scott says, it all depends on your home care and lifestyle. If you get a new paint job on a car, it will last a lot longer if you wash and wax it regularly – and even longer if you keep it in the garage protected from the elements. Your skin isn’t much different!

For this reason we partnered with a pharmacy to manufacture our own in-house brand of skincare products. We also carry EltaMD for SPF protection and post procedure balms, in addition to Jane Iredale, the skin care makeup. Your skin’s needs change just like the seasons, visit with our aesthetician and find out how you can optimize your at home regimen today!



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