The new eyebrow trend sweeping the beauty world by storm is microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo technique that fills thinning brows and/or reshapes them with tiny lines that resemble individual hairs.  Unlike other techniques like the powder brow, the microbladed brow gives a natural appearance in which most people won’t be able to distinguish actual brow hairs from their tattooed imposters when done right.

Microblading Treatment

What can I expect when undergoing microblading?

The initial appointment often requires two hours.  Much of this time is spent mapping and measuring the brow bone and structure of the client’s face to ensure brows are placed appropriately to balance proportions and facial expressions.  Ink colors are also experimented with to identify that best coloring for the individual client’s complexion.  A numbing medication is applied to ensure comfort through the process.  Unlike other forms of permanent cosmetics, microblading does not require a tattoo gun.  Rather, the artist will use a hand-held tool to make tiny hair-like incisions where the ink is deposited.  Typically a touch-up is required 4-6 weeks after the initial application, and clients often choose to retouch up to 18 months from there.

Microblading has been a hot trend in other countries, such as Europe, for many years before hitting the United States.  Just checkout #microblading on social media to experience the craze.  While we might be late to the party, it isn’t too late to take advantage of the benefits of not having to draw on your eyebrows every morning and not having to worry about sweating or wiping them off during the day.  Shorten up your morning routine, jump in the pool with your children or grandkids, sweat it out to the oldies – your face will look beautiful regardless!



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