How many times have I waited until the warm weather hits in June to realize I probably should have changed my eating habits or activity levels a few months earlier. It’s so easy to eat your feelings when stress hits over the winter months when your wardrobe is heavier and you can hide the extra calories under a sweater. So how do you break the cycle of self loathing that naturally follows and set yourself up for a summer body without shame?

It’s never too late to ask for help on how to get your weight back on track and feel better about your body image. At Belle Vous, Dr. Scott can help counsel you on medical weight loss options and healthy lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals. In addition, we offer non-surgical body sculpting treatments with TruSculpt 3D to help debulk fat and tighten skin. Unlike other older, colder technologies on the market, TruSculpt offers fat reduction, skin tightening and diminishes the appearance of cellulite all in one treatment. And best of all – NO SURGERY, NO DOWNTIME.

Schedule a consult online or call (208) 515-3350 for your customized weight loss plan. Don’t forget to ask about payment options, including HSA cards, CareCredit, and in-house financing. Summer is just around the corner!

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