Have you grown tired of your go-to anti-aging treatments? Looking to enhance the results of a laser or microneedling treatment? Adding platelet rich plasma (PRP) to your next procedure can enhance your results and propel your skin rejuvenation to the next level.

What is PRP? PRP is an increased concentration of autologous platelets suspended in a small amount of plasma after centrifugation. In laymen’s terms, we take your blood, spin it, then pipette off the yellow viscous substance at the top. That yellow liquid is considered gold in today’s beauty standards. The PRP is then microneedled into the skin or applied post laser treatment. We are literally isolating and activating the regenerative powers of YOUR own blood and using it to restore your internal fountain of youth. There are at least eight (8) growth factors in our bodies that would normally be used to heal wounded or injured tissue. These growth factors increase collagen and create new blood flow producing more vibrant, younger looking skin.

First made popular by none other than Kim Kardashian, her social media posts peaked followers’ interest and played a big role in making the use of PRP for regenerative facial treatments go mainstream. Kim K, along with many other celebrities, have made this cutting-edge new treatment a household name among women and men fighting the aging process. Schedule a free consult online or by calling (208) 515-3350 to learn more about how PRP can boost your skincare regimen.

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